Kayaking Mrežnica

Explore the beauties of Mrežnica river

Kayaking Mrežnica


Guided tour on a river, expect fun, swimming, beatufiul nature, many waterfalls and rapids


Guided tour, Adventurous, Family


~ 4h


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Kayaking on Mrežnica river

You are staying in the Rastoke and Plitvice lakes region? Spend your free time actively, embark on a kayaking adventure at the Mrežnica river, close to the Plitvice lakes and Rastoke waterfall village! On this amazing kayaking trip enjoy in swimming, jumping and sunbathing while exploring the beauty of the turquoise Mrežnica river. Adrenaline and fun are guaranteed! Kayaking through the untouched nature of the upper part of river Mrežnica makes this experience even more unforgettable and adventurous. After the trip,you can decide to have a rich lunch in our restaurant “Rastoke”!


We are kayaking through a Croatian karst beauty, the Mrežnica river, in inflatable GUMOTEX K2 kayak that can fit two adults and one child, through many rapids and sedge barriers, where you will feel a rush of the adrenaline and excitement of this sport. The kayaks are very stable and easy to use. Beside the kayaks and paddle we will provide you with professional gear: Helmet, life jacket, neopren suits, neopren shoes, anorak jackets (in cold days) and a waterproof barrel which you can use for your snacks, drinks and other non valuable belongings.

About the river and trip

When you arrive at our place our guides will explain you everything you need to know about the trip. After that all necessary gear will be provided and handed out to you. Once you recive all the information and gear our guides and drivers will drive you with our transportation to the Mrežnica river, at the start point which is located in Primišlje. The ride takes aprox. 20 min. During this time feel relaxed and enjoy the ride trough the spacious area of Primišlje, full of forrest and nature which is almost uninhabited.

After arriving to the starting point you will gear up and our guides will explain you how to handle the kayaks and important infos about the trip. You will enter the river on our first waterfall. In this part of the river there are over ten waterfalls of which all can be crossed by boat, except one "Milkovića slap" which is 8 meters high, and it ensures unforgettable fun!

The trip ends passing through an enchanting camp located by the bridge at Mrežnica, where we will transport you back to our agency where you can replenish your spent energy with a rich and quality lunch at our restaurant!

The river Mrežnica is a true hidden nautral beauty. In the wider area of the river there are almost no inhabitants. On the river expect only kayakers and some local people, swimming and enjoying the refreshing river and pure nature. The river is very clear and its waterfalls and deep turquoise color give it a special charm.

start time

Morning tour - 10.00h / Afternoon tour - 15.00h

*Please arrive 20-30min before!

end time

Morning tour - 14.00h / Afternoon tour - 18.30h

*Times may vary depending on the conditions, group size, experience and similar


Parking   Guide   Insurance  Transportation*  Photos&Videos  Wetsuit  Anorak jacket   Paddle  Life jacket  Helmet Neopren shoes  Waterproof barrel  Kayak 

*Please note that we are the only agency including transfer to the river (start point) and back to the city Slunj which has 20+km in 1 way - included in the price

Add ons

+ Food & Beverage - book a rich lunch/dinner after the trip at our restaurant

Min age / Experience

No previous experience needed / Beginner friendly

Minimal recommended age for children - 5 years (depends on the river condition)

What to bring?

Bathing suit  Dry clothes (for changing on the finish point)  Sunscreen   Towel   Water shoes/sport sandals/Old sneakers or tennis shoes*    Personal necessary medicine Drinks&Snacks

* In case you don't have any kind of this footwear, don't worry we will provide neopren water shoes. 

Cancelations by Rastoke active travel agency

Since it is a trip that is highly dependent on weather conditions, in case of extremely unfavorable conditions, Rastoke active travel agency reserves the right to cancel or postpone the kayaking trip, due to concern for the safety of the guests. If the alternative proposed date does not suit you, the payment will be fully refunded.

How much time do we spend on the river?

About 2-3 hours. Depending on how big group is and the experiences of the guests, sometimes our guides will need more time to ensure everyone's safety and properly explain and assist you.

Do children have a discount?

Children under 12 years old have a 30% discount on the price. The minimum age for kayaking is usually 6 years, but this also depends on the conditions on the river and the water level.

When is the best season for kayaking?

Kayaking can be done from May to October, as long as the weather conditions are conveniet, sunny and warm. Yet, the best kayaking season is during the warmest months such as July and August, because the Mrežnica river is in that period extremely warm and perfect for swimming and enjoying summer activities.

What if it rains, will you cancel a trip?

Kayaking can be organized even in the rain, as part of the equipment, you will get neoprene suits that protect you from the cold, so your trip can be as pleasant as possible. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether you want to join on this trip in rainy and stormy conditions and how you feel about it, and it's up to us to provide all the necessary equipment and safety. We can cancel or postpone trip only during the extreme weather conditions, when we estimate that kayaking might not be fully safe for our guests, but you will be informed on time.

Is all equipment provided, what should I bring?

All necessary equipment is provided, you will get wetsuits and water shoes, life jackets and helmets. Please bring swimming costumes or shorts and a t-shirt, and towels. You can also bring soft drinks or water and some food and snacks, we will provide you with waterproof barrels to store your food and belongings. Also bring dry clothes to change after kayaking, as you will get wet on the river.

Can children join?

The program is suitable for children starting from 6 years of age, depending on the water level! Also, for children under 12 years we approve a 30% discount!

Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes, of course. The whole excursion is carefully planned, and there are also guides who will teach you the basics of kayaking and take care of your safety. Also, the river is quite calm, the waterfalls are not too high and you can easily pass them in kayaks, except for one of the largest waterfalls, which is 8 meters high, from which you can jump if you are a fan of adrenaline or simply walk down it.

Can i fall out of my kayak?

Our guides will do their best to keep you in the boat, but be aware that there is a possibility that you may fall into the river and get wet. If this happens just stay calm and our guides will come to you, also the river is very calm after the falls so there is no danger. Most people find this part a lot of fun!

What if I'm travelling alone, can I join?

Of course you can. You can be alone in the kayak or you can share it with our guide. Even better, you can join with another person that also doesn't have a pair, in which case you can end up with a new friend and it could be a great adventure for both of you 😊

What is the water temperature?

During the summer season (June to September), the Mrežnica river is very warm, between 18 to 25 degrees. During the spring months (April to June) approximately 14 to 20 degrees. In September and October the river temperature is around 17 to 22 degrees. At the very end of the trip, you will kayak over the river spring, at this part of the river, temperature is always few degrees lower, so you will be surprised with some real refreshement!

Where is the starting point? Is parking provided?

Start is in front of the Hotel Mirjana & Rastoke (address: Donji Nikšić 101, 47240 Slunj). There is a huge parking place where you can park your vehicle for free. From this point we take you with our own transportation to the river and after the trip we will return you back. Transportation is included in the price. To reach the river, it will take around 15 minutes of driving.

Will we get some photos and videos from the trip?

Yes! Our guides have a GO PRO camera with them and will take pictures and record you all the way, at the end of the trip we will transfer the pictures and send them to your email addresses. Be aware of river conditions, there will be a lot of water and splashing and not every photo or video can be perfectly clear. This is our gift to you because we want you to have a nice memory from your trip and we hope you will appreciate this gesture.

Can non-swimmers join the trip?

Yes, they can! You will be fully equipped, a life jacket will protect you, and this can also be an opportunity to learn to swim, because the river Mrežnica has beautiful natural pools with shallow water that will encourage you to swim.

What kind of waterfalls and adrenaline can we expect?

We would describe it as a very adventurous trip, there are fast moments full of adrenaline, but also calm parts of the river for paddling and enjoying nature. The whole trip is well planned and definitely not boring. In this part of the river, there are over ten waterfalls, all of which can be crossed by boat, except for one, 8 meters high, from which you can jump or pass on foot. Unforgettable entertainment is guaranteed. The excursion ends by passing through an enchanting camp located next to the Mrežnica bridge. It is an ideal program for families or organized groups. You will pass through the most beautiful part of the river Mrežnica, the upper course, in a length of 5 kilometers with many magical places for swimming and rest.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, of course! You can buy the trip for someone else and we can send you a gift voucher per email or you can pick it up in person.


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